Within the past fifteen years, an entirely new option has been added to our mobile entertainment, Karaoke. K.J.s, often lumped together with Disc Jockeys, are in fact quite different. The K.J. or Karaoke Jockey brings a different type of equipment which utilizes special compact discs. Guests select songs they want to sing from a master song list and they watch a video screen for the lyrics. When a guest or small group of guests is singing, the remainder of the audience will watch, or dance. If no one wants to sing at that particular time, the K.J. may sing or play music for your guests to dance to. For a small additional fee, you can have both. We simply switch back and forth between the two allowing for both singing and dancing.

Compare our entertainers to others you may be considering. With our DJs. you can actually see them perform at The Hoosier Bar & Grill in Ellettsville every Friday night. Although the performance at this venue may be totally different from the type of performance you may desire, you'll get a feel for the type of personality, sound, and professionalism you'll receive. Beware of a disc jockey who emphasizes his equipment, rather than his experience. The newest, fanciest gadgets are fine, but will not necessarily make the most appropriate and proficient disc jockey. Experience, personality, and willingness to work with each client play the biggest roles in making your event exactly as you've planned it.